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Ameri-Tech Termite & Pest Control
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"When you are shopping for the best price on pest control services it seems you have to stay away from the big franchise pest control companies because their prices can be crazy high. Ameritech came out for only $44.95"

-- Astrid in Haslet Texas.

Ameritech Pest Control

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Pest Control From $44.95

We serve the greater Dallas Plano Fort Worth Texas metro area including Frisco TX, North Richland Hills & Keller Texas. If you are finding your self over whelmed with pest problems we can help often with same day service we have helped 50,000 customers since 1982.

Termite Treatments

Termite generally live in the soiland create dirt tubes into a home or commercial building. If you look closely between the dirt and the foundation you can see these tubes. Often they are not easy to see or they are in places where they can not be seen at all with out going under the home or building Ameritech Termite Spraying.

Rodent & MIce Removal

Wild animal can seem cute on TV or at a distance, but when they get close to your children or pets it can be a very different story. Rats, mice and other rodents can carry disease and cause property damage. Call Ameri-Tech to handle any animal related questions or issues.

Bird & Pigeon Removal

Birds and pideons can look good at a distance and can even be fun to see them fly and call or sing to each other. If these birds start hanging around your property they can damage the roofs and create quite a mess in a short time. Full service bird & pegieon removal.

Bed Bug Spraying

If you think you have a bed bug infestation at your home, office or motel call for immediate service. We have fully stocked trucks with licensed pest control technitians that understand the wide veriety of problems that bed bugs can cause, how to find them and treat them. Ameri-Tech bed bug treatments in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas metro areas Commercial & Residential.

Fleas & Ticks Treatments

Dogs and cats can bring in fleas and ticks when they are outside. The little critters get on there fur when they roll and play in the grass. Once they are inside the house they can multiply very fast and soon there will be an infestation. If you see little black dots after your pet has been scratching you may be seeing the fleas and tick eggs and worms. Call Ameri-Tech Pest Control.